24 February 2014

Newbaums Flickr Group

Do you have Newbaum's tape on your bike? Take a picture! And then add it to the Flickr Pool. People will give you compliments.

21 February 2014

New Products!

We've added a few items to our apparel line, so you can show off your Newbaum's love.

Made by hand in California by our friends at Walz Caps. They're cotton, and feature the same 'Edgar The Crow' screen print we use on our shop boxes. The bills are nice and long and the backs are elasticy. They look pretty sweet in Grey or two-tone Grey and Black. Available in S/M and L/LX, to fit your size noggin.

We also have our original Newbaums tshirts. Let you're friends know how classy and tasteful you are, even when you're off the bike. They're grey too, so they won't get too grimy when you're wrenching on your bikes. Trust me, we've tested this.

These are both available through your local Newbaums dealer today!